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Film Market – Rijeka, 14-16 September 2016

From 14 to 16 September, Rijeka hosted the Film Market and the Elective Session of the Croatian Independent Cinemas Network Assembly, jointly organised by Cinema Network, Croatian Audiovisual Centre and Art Cinema.

The second edition of Cinema Network’s Film Market once again introduced independent cinemas and supported their development through a series of workshops, panels, training sessions, good practice examples and film screenings. The Market gave us a chance to get to know each other better, to discuss burning issues, create new partnerships and form common visions.

In many local communities, independent cinemas are also among the rare surviving cultural venues and are, as such, priceless and precious to the public and social life of their environments. For this reason,  Market was prevalently focused on how to strengthen the role of cinemas in local communities. How to use the resources we have the best possible way and turn cinemas into living social and cultural hubs? How to expand the audience circuit and involve the community in our activities?

The workshops we prepared were based on specific examples and prospective common activities – the aim was to demonstrate certain tactics and strategies that can assist us. The workshops were focused on educational programmes for elementary schools and collaborations with local communities. More specifically, community collaborations with local cultural organisations, institutions, associations, minority groups are one of the possible strategies to overcome the limited resources we have at our disposal because one organisation’s strength become everyone’s strength. The workshop will attempt to inspire ideas about how we can work together and how our joint activities can help improve partner organisations, as well as grow audience and strengthen our visibility.

Besides, we were focused on educational programmes for elementary schoolchildren. Such activities indeed help grow our new audience and, even more importantly, represent a powerful contribution to the evolution of the community and active citizens.

The first ever Elective Session of the Network Assembly was scheduled to take place at the Film Market: we were electing a president and a board of directors, examined what we have done and discussed about what lies ahead in the upcoming year.

And finally, we were joined by distributers who presented the new releases coming up in 2016/2017, and we were looking forward to many film premieres.

Therefore, although we operate in different circumstances, we have different business models and programme visions, getting acquainted with our colleagues’ work only inspire us and collaboration only make us stronger.

Film Market – Rijeka, 16-18 September 2015

Between 16 and 18 September 2015, Rijeka hosted a Film Market and Croatian Independent Cinemas Network Assembly, jointly organised by Cinema Network and Croatian Audiovisual Centre.

The Film Market gathered near 100 professionals, mostly cinema employees, but also other film professionals like distributers, producers, state and local government representatives, media, international guests, and broad cultural public.

Even though the independent cinema digitisation project in Croatia created the fundamental prerequisites for programme development, we believe there is still much left to do to get this infrastructure going to the benefit of cinema and local communities, all the more important since we act in an extremely dynamic cultural and economic environment.

During the three intense days in Rijeka, through panel discussions, workshops, debates and demonstrations of good practice examples and successful business models, we created an open and vibrant meeting point and place for an exchange of ideas, information and knowledge, as well had found strategies to successfully tackle all the challenges ahead.

On the first day, the Film Market presented almost all the key Croatian distributers and film titles planned for the upcoming cinema season, as well had announced possible joint programme activities of the Network and CAVC. Also, we will consider a possible collaboration between the cinema and distribution sectors, their potential development, new challenges and trends in the cinema sector. With the aim of better and more dynamic communication, we have planned short meetings, once a day, of cinema managers and distributers.

Day two was focused on the transfer of specific knowledge and skills to the independent cinema representatives, and encompass a broad range of topics like understanding and building an audience, changes in the entire sector due to new methods of production, distribution and reception of audiovisual contents, independent cinema programming, project writing and submitting workshops, presentations of national and international project co-funding open calls, joint project and distribution development opportunities, film literacy and film culture school syllabuses, marketing and promotion workshops. Use of digital channels and social networks in promotion etc.

On the last day, 18 September, a Network Assembly session took place as a follow-up on what has already been done and what lies ahead in the year to come.

Also, the Market had screened premieres of film titles which will be released late in 2015 and in 2016, with visiting filmmakers.

The objective of this event was to primarily provide information, but also transfer of specific knowledge and skills to independent cinema representatives in order to stimulate stability and development of the independent cinemas network, as well as to promote independent cinemas as vibrant and dynamic points of social and cultural life in their respective communities.

Programme of Film Market is here.

Winter Film Market – Zagreb, 17th and 18th February 2016

Winter Film Market and Assembly of Croatian Independent Cinemas Network took place in Europa Cinema in Zagreb on 17 and 18 January 2017.

The focus of the Winter Film Fair was on projections of Croatian movie titles that will be in the distribution in the coming months. Fair gathered more than fifty professionals, mostly cinema exibitors.

Except for the projection of the movie titles which were held both days, the first day we held Assembly of the Cinema Network on which we summarized what we’ve done in 2016, and the second day we presented the joint Network programs for 2017.

Winter Film Market – Zagreb, 3rd and 4th February 2016

3rd and 4th of February Zagreb hosted a Winter Film Market and Croatian independent cinemas network Assembly oranised by Cinema Network.

The focus of the Winter Fair was on the presentation of almost all the key Croatian distributors and movie titles that will be distributed in the coming months and on designing and arranging joint programs of Cinema Network in the first half of 2016. The Winter Film Market gathered near 50 professionals, mostly cinema employees and distributers.

On the first day a Network Assembly session will take place as a follow-up on what has already been done in year that is behid us and what lies ahead in the year to come.

Besides presenting movie titles, day two was focused on presentations about examples of new practices, experiences and programs, discussions and determination of the joint programs of the Network for the upcoming period and introducing of technological innovations.

During the two days in Zagreb through panel discussions, workshops, debates and demonstrations of good practice examples and successful business models, we created an open and vibrant meeting point and place for an exchange of ideas, information and knowledge.

Winter Film Market programme is available here.