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Programme activities

In association with the Croatian Audiovisual Centre we conduct many joint programme activities involving all or some Network members. The aim of these activities is organisation of countless rounded up film programmes to reach as many people as possible, as well as media and public. Creative programming and merged advertising and public relations present our joint effort of working on cultivating the audience in each of the environments our members do business.

Training activities

One of Network’s fundamental tasks is training in-house employees in different areas involving programming, audience development, management, financing, promotion, technology, facilities management etc. Activities include the organisation ‘Cinema Doctor – Manager in Residence’ programme, workshops and similar training programmes, publishing in the field of cinema management, study tours and attending international symposiums and training sessions.

Winter and Summer Film Market

The Film Market is a gathering of professionals, mostly cinema exibitors, but also other film professionals like distributers, producers, state and local government representatives, media, international guests, and broad cultural public which is held twice a year, at the end of January and mid-September.

Through panel discussions, workshops, debates and demonstrations of good practice examples and successful business models, we create an open and vibrant meeting point and place for an exchange of ideas, information and knowledge, finding strategies to successfully tackle all the challenges which we encounter every day.

Other activities

Other Network activities include local, national and European promotion of common interests, international collaboration, media and promotional appearances with the aim of popularising all the members, and increasing cinema visibility and attendance, raising an informed audience and developing film literacy, technological development and following present-day international cinema standards, providing counselling to its members, active participation in drafting cultural policies and legislation in the field of audiovisual activity (especially cinema-related) and enriching cultural offer all across Croatia.