Mini Art-cinema

Art Cinema, a public cultural institution, officially opened the Mini Art Cinema on 7 December – a new theatre located in the close proximity of Art Cinema Croatia (Krešmirova 2G), under the slogan “Kino bez praga i pardona” (a cinema with no threshold or excuse).

The public cultural institution Art Cinema believes that cinema is audience. With an innovative line-up it is trying to expand its offer and spark interest among new audience, as well as rewards the existing, again confirming its dedication to development.

Unlike a classic cinema, Art Cinema Croatia’s theatre reached by a ceremonious walk through the atrium and a hallway, the Mini Art Cinema is reached immediately, right from the street, without a limiting threshold. The Mini Art Cinema, evoking by its very name a significantly smaller number of seats (24), becomes an intimate communication-friendly space. The programme concept of the Mini Art Cinema is led by an uncompromising selection of films and side events called Tribina nad tribinama (Debate of All Debates). The Mini Art Cinema is a space with no threshold or excuse.

The Mini Art Cinema is a new space in Rijeka dedicated to promotion of audiovisual activity based on high aesthetic standards and mixed use. According to the design team, Antun Sevšek and Damir Gamulin, the task of designing Art Cinema’s new space yielded several interesting possibilities and raised the question of what this contemporary smaller urban space for education and culture should be. The Art Cinema is structured in an introverted way and perceived as a ‘film’ space only after crossing a long foyer deep into the building. Being separate and yet close, this new space, the Mini Art Cinema, becomes a kind of satellite which, apart from its expected screening use, plays an inevitable communication role. The auditorium was designed as telescopic custom-made tiers, which lends more views on the space and consequently more potential uses – from screenings, to lectures and conferences, to an open space for play and users of all ages.

The Mini Art Cinema hosts screenings of documentary, short and experimental films, as well as different fiction films. The Mini Art Cinema is a multi-use space, suitable for debates, speeches and presentations of film genres, styles, national cinemas and promotions of up-and-coming (Croatian) filmmakers. The theatre will feature artistically relevant line-ups to a growing audience, who will be able to enjoy a modern and pleasant space. The Mini Art Cinema is an ideal place for a discussion about the films just seen, be it a contemporary controversial work, an opening of a retrospective, or an experimental title, making the space a kind of extension to the cinematic experience, with a special added value.