About Us

The Croatian Independent Cinemas Network was established on 7 November 2014 by 27 cinemas from 24 cities and towns with the aim of strengthening the position of independent cinemas within the film industry and launching and developing film culture in all its forms across Croatia. At this moment Network has 41 members, 54 cinemas in 41 cities and islands. The Network core activities are connecting and exchanging programmes of outstanding artistic, cultural and historical value, breeding informed audiences of all categories with a focus on educating children and young people about film, continuous training of its members in marketing…


The Network’s purpose is to unite, stimulate, improve and develop Croatian independent cinemas, guarantee diversity and availability of audiovisual works in the Republic of Croatia, exchange of knowledge and information among its members, representing common interests in the public, and development, design, exchange and distribution of film programmes, film training programmes and other programmes, development of all forms of audiovisual culture education, promotion of audiovisual creativity and cinema business, and increase in visibility and attendance of film-related programmes across Croatia.


The Network’s mission is to strengthen and develop sustainable organisational, programme and technical capacities in independent cinemas, create legal, structural and economic prerequisites for their quality work, enrich the existing and launch a new cultural, artistic and educational offer in local communities throughout Croatia, and stimulate and support communities without cinemas to launch film programmes.
Our mission is realised through continuous training and exchange of experience, knowledge and good practice examples, exchange of programmes and common marketing and promotion activities, national and international sector and cross-sector...


The Network’s vision is a powerful organisation and programme-based association of independent cinemas, with a synergy capable of responding to all challenges and needs of adjustment to new circumstances, trends and requirements in the cinema and cultural-artistic sector. In our vision we see a powerful Network capable of continuous improvement and development of independent cinemas, of inspiring the cinemas to maintain ongoing programme and organisational collaboration, exchange of experiences and knowledge, good practice examples, which will finally, through united energy of all the Network members, be able to act in public jointly and efficiently and perform the tasks that the Network has envisaged.

Board of directors

Hrvoje Laurenta – President
CEO of Cinema Europa and Zagreb Film Festival

Josip Nakić Alfirević – Vice-president
Managing director of Public Open University Koprivnica

Slobodanka Mišković – Member
Managing director of Public Institution Art-kino Rijeka

Marijana Bošnjak – Member
CEO of Kinematografi Osijek d.d.

Snježana Kuzmanić – Member
CEO of Ekran d.o.o. Split

Network objectives

    Network objectives:
  • Creating a network of independent cinemas and representing their interests
  • A more efficient exchange of cinema listings and accompanying contents
  • Increasing the number of visitors in independent cinemas, next to a continuous development of the repertory’s cultural standards
  • Development of promotional measures and strengthening their overall effect
  • Development of Croatian audiovisual industry
  • Strengthening competition and creating an added value for the independent cinema sector
  • Promoting diversity and availability of film offer in entire Croatia
  • Development of film literacy in the Republic of Croatia
  • Raising and breeding an informed film audience
  • Enriching the cultural offer in Croatian towns and cities

Program council

Đive Galov – President
Kinematografi Dubrovnik

Maja Holek - Member
Culture program coordinator of Public Open University Koprivnica

Alen Munitić - Member
CEO of Cinema Mediterranean and Mediterranean FIlm Festival Split