Independent Cinema Day

The Independent Cinema Day film event, organised by the Croatian Independent Cinemas Network in association with the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, takes place on Tuesday, 7 November, in 36 cinemas across Croatia. This is also a chance to celebrate Cinema Network’s third birthday and a chance for viewers across Croatia to see – for free – the adventure biopic on the life of Jacques Cousteau The Odyssey (partly filmed in Croatia!), starring Lambert Wilson and Audrey Tautou, and the unforgettable Little Flying Bears.

The official premiere of The Odyssey is scheduled for 7 November at 8pm, at Golden Gate Cinematheque in Split.

The Croatian Independent Cinemas Network (Cinema Network) is happy to invite you to a cinematic birthday party and the very first Independent Cinema Day, organised in association with the Croatian Audiovisual Centre. The event takes place on the day the Cinema Network was founded, 7 November, at 36 cinemas across Croatia and focuses on the promotion of film, cinema operations and film culture. All generations will have a chance to enjoy the free screenings of The Odyssey and two episodes of the popular animation series Little Flying Bears.

About the event:

With the Independent Cinema Day event, the Croatian Independent Cinemas Network (Cinema Network) is this year celebrating its third birthday in association with the Croatian Audiovisual Centre and also launching a brand new film event. Once a year this event will focus on the significance, value and role of independent cinemas in Croatia. The event is a unique cinematic and cultural event in entire Croatia, intended for broader public of all age groups, with an accent on the strengthening and development of independent cinemas and launching new cultural and artistic programmes in local communities across Croatia, as well as on the stimulation and support to communities without cinemas so that they may initiate their own film events. Three years of dedicated work on the part of all the Cinema Network members have yielded countless successful projects in terms of independent cinema networking, development of film literacy and audience. We wish to celebrate our contribution on the date the Network was established and thus give the audience a chance to enjoy a unique one-day film programme in revitalised old urban cinemas – institutions with a long tradition of propagating media culture.