Cinema Slatina

Public Open University Slatina is the legal successor to the institutions that have organised lifelong learning and culture in Slatina since 1960.

Slatina got its first cinema in the 1920s, and in 1956 the cinema was moved to today’s Cultural Centre. It is a long tradition not to be neglected. Slatina Cinema is the only such institution in Virovitica-Podravina County that regularly screens films. Thanks to the current structure, the citizens of the entire County and beyond have a chance to see quality films that are distributed to our cinema quickly. The programme takes place in the Cultural Centre’s large theatre hall, with 354 seats. The stage is eight metres wide and seven metres deep. Behind the stage there is a dressing room for performers, modest in dimensions and equipment. The cinema lobby, next to its primary purpose, is also appropriate for gatherings that are sometimes organised after the main event and for different workshops. Classrooms are used as auxiliary dressing room for children’s performances or larger concerts.