29 August 2017,


From 13 to 15 September, Pula is hosting the Film Market, jointly organised by Cinema Network, Croatian Audiovisual Centre and Pula Film Festival.

The third edition of Cinema Network’s Film Market is once again introducing independent cinemas and supporting their development through a series of workshops, panels, training sessions, good practice examples and film screenings. The Market will give us a chance to get to know each other better, to discuss burning issues, create new partnerships and form common visions.

In times of increasingly demanding audiences and struggle for economic attention, classical cinematic projections are becoming less interesting. Therefrore, this year’s Market will center around the issue of creating events and unique cinema experince as well as how film and cinema could be connected with other art forms. What are the experiences of Croatian cinema exhibitors of these programs? What content is available? Can independent cinemas strive for a better position in these fields? How to introduce new content in cinema programming? How to promote them?

The workshops we are preparing will be based on specific examples and prospective common activities – the aim is to demonstrate certain tactics and strategies that can assist us. The workshops will focus

And finally, we will be joined by distributers who will present the new releases coming up in 2016/2017, and we are looking forward to many film premieres.

Therefore, although we operate in different circumstances, we have different business models and programme visions, getting acquainted with our colleagues’ work can only inspire us and collaboration can only make us stronger.

Join us in Pula!

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