Šibenik Film Club

The cinema’s purpose is to rekindle the interest in the art of cinema in Šibenik, as well as improved understanding of film culture, therefore the repertory of the Šibenik Film Club consists of the films (regardless of the country of origin) of outstanding value and quality. To that aim, the Šibenik Film Club team is particularly engaged in selecting a programme presenting a filmmaker’s work or the significance of a national cinema. They also follow art house trends and are open to new tendencies in cinematic expression and approach to the audience. Innovative practices are their main working guideline, as well as rediscovering and re-evaluating forgotten cultural and heritage outdoor locations, including a continuous integration of the community, aiming to make film available to everyone everywhere. This is particularly relevant in modern cities, whose outskirts are self-sufficient units and historical centres are spaces demanding long-term revitalisation. In their view, a careful selection of films is particularly relevant in maintaining audience, therefore they located the cinema in the Šibenik City Museum, planning a straightforward continuity of cultural excellence provided by this institution. A modest 40 seat capacity (up to 55) creates an intimate big screen atmosphere. The Šibenik Film Club, i.e. the Šibenik City Museum, is the only place in the city screening throughout the entire year.

The cinema is located in the lobby of the Museum, next to the famous Šibenik Cathedral, a UNESCO heritage site in the historical centre. The Museum space is extremely attractive, since it is housed by the Prince’s Palace, and in 2012 it was fully renovated, with cutting-edge equipment and amenities such as floor heating. The cinema is located under the visually impressive glass structure, with a view of the starry sky.