Cinema Zabok

Zabok Multimedia Centre is part of Public Open University Zabok, founded in 1954 with an aim of distance learning and organisation of different cultural events, and in 1963 it organised the first film screening. The cinema was named ‘Radnik’ (Worker). This marked the beginning of a new era for big screen films in the town of Zabok. Year after year, the number of viewers was increasing. The theatre had 396 seats. The 1990s saw a drop in the number of visitors due to a lack of investment in new technology and auditorium comfort. Works on reconstruction and modernisation began in 2009.

The cinema active as part of Public Open University Zabok was reconstructed and turned into a multimedia centre, which gave the town of Zabok another suitable venue for theatrical performances and presentations of results of many Zabok-based associations. Also, after the theatre was redecorated and digitally equipped, the audience slowly returned to our cinema. The theatre has a digital Barco DP2K – 32b projector, Dolby digital sound system, 35 mm Ernemann 18 projector and air conditioning. The auditorium has 234 seats, upholstered and comfortable. Also, the theatre hosts birthday parties, all kinds of anniversaries, school screenings and different events.

Popcorn, snacks and refreshing soft drinks are sold in the lobby.