Cinema Karaman - Split

Way before the mass advent of TV, video technique and modern electronics, the silver screen and traditional celluloid tape were the only source of film art and entertained generations of film lovers yearning for amusement.

Although the tradition of film screenings in the city of Split dates way to before World War II, in 1946, more accurately on 26 December 1946, a company called KINO PODUZEĆE was established, aiming to host organised film shows on the big screen for citizens of Split and its neighbourhood.

On 5 September 1994 the company is privatised and changes its name to EKRAN d.o.o., which it still holds today. Soon the outdated theatres are modernised and investments are made in audio and video technique in order to improve the quality of film screenings.

Following global standards and trends, in the autumn of 2013 cinemas Central and Karaman were installed with digital projectors and accompanying screens.

Today the company EKRAN d.o.o. includes two air-conditioned digitised cinemas (Central, Karaman) and an open-air summer cinema terrace (Bačvice).