Urania Cinema - Osijek

Kinematografi Osijek d.d. has been active in the field of cinema management since 1901 and its venue includes cinemas Europa and Urania, both protected cultural heritage sites. Europa cinema’s space today functions as a venue for different cultural events like concerts and conferences.

Week after week Urania cinema organises screenings of latest film titles for audiences of all ages. The first screening at Urania took place way back in 1912, and the venue remained a favourite Osijek citizens’ meeting place for films, concerts and shows, regularly full to capacity. The building alone was built in Art Nouveau style and perfectly fits the programmes that foster raising awareness of the quality of film production, art-house and cultural film and tradition (Axmann, 1912, one of the rare works of Art Nouveau in Croatia which a prestigious international prize in Vienna).

Also, Urania is a member of the largest association of cinemas on the global level, Europa Cinemas, and pays great attention to European film. The latest European film titles are regularly listed and week after week the Osijek audience proves that the interest in European cinema still goes strong. Besides, Urania is a member of other associations like CICAE and Croatian Network of Independent Cinemas. Next to the regular programme, it develops and hosts special programmes, festivals and events like French Month, Cool Tour, Sichtwechsel – festival of tolerance and change of view, Modern Silence Film festival, Short Film Marathos, SEDECO festival, various in memoriam cycles and many others.

We are proud of our collaboration with the local community, especially kindergarten, elementary and high school children, students, institutions and NGOs. We are striving to underline the importance of audiovisual heritage among young people through a great number of projects, trying to educate the young audience and convey the positive values of multiculturalism, cross-media, cross-disciplinarity, social responsibility and tolerance. We wish to inspire young people to pursue audiovisual activities, with an accent on film material, language, tradition and culture of European nations.

We have always tried to enrich Osijek’s cultural life and connect the people of Osijek with Urania cinema in new ways and with new contents, with active participation from the audience.