Čakovec Centre for Culture

Čakovec Centre for Culture is a city-owned institution including a cinema. It was founded in 1981 and since then has been designing original events and programmes and organising numerous performances by visiting performers (theatre, concerts, ballet). There are almost daily film screenings, and part of the long film tradition are film debates on Friday at 10pm, children’s debate on Sundays and the latest events: Filmophilia, International Children’s Film Festival, and film festival disseminations. The display space is categorised as national gallery, where famous and acknowledged visual artists exhibit their works.

The cinema has one theatre and one screen. Čakovec has a 100-year-long tradition of continuity, i.e. uninterrupted cinema activity. The 100th anniversary began with research and exhibition A Century of Film in Čakovec, at the Centre for Culture gallery (November 2013). The City of Čakovec and Čakovec Centre for Culture in November 2013 unveiled a memorial plaque at the location of Čakovec’s first cinema in Ruđer Bošković Street. A Century of Film in Čakovec closed with the Croatian Ministry of Culture project of independent cinema digitisation and installation of 3D technique at the Centre for Culture, funded by the City of Čakovec. A book called A Century of Film in Čakovec is planned to be published in 2015.