17 July 2017

Our new members

17 July 2017,

  17. 7. 2017. –  On 17 July 2017, another full member joined the Cinema Network – Đuro Arnold Public Open University, managing the cinema in Ivanec. The history of cinema activities in Ivanec dates back to the spring of 1920. Entrepreneur Rudolf Patrlić […]

20 February 2017

Third Women’s Days in Cinemas across Croatia

20 February 2017,

  20. 2. 2017. – Once again, this year the Croatian Independent Cinemas Network is organising the Women’s Day Film Feast in independent cinemas across the country to celebrate the 8th of March. The third Women’s Day event takes place from 7 to 12 […]

15 December 2016

Winter Film Market in Zagreb

15 December 2016,

  15. 12. 2016 – Winter Film Market and Assembly of Croatian Independent Cinemas Network will take place in Europa Cinema in Zagreb on 17 and 18 January 2017. The focus of the Winter Film Fair will be on projections of Croatian movie titles that […]

9 December 2016

Everything is ready for fourth Short Film Marathon

9 December 2016,

  9. 12. 2016. – And this year, the Croatian audiovisual Centre on the occasion of upcoming holidays is giving slate of movies which are part of Marathon free running in kinodvoranama all over Croatia. This is the event marking the shortest day of the […]

2 December 2016

Find Your Way to the Cinema Because – It’s Better at the Cinema – This Winter, Too!

2 December 2016,

  2. 12. 2016 – Under the slogan “It’s Better at the Cinema!”, the Croatian Independent Cinemas Network this year, as well, continues to release Croatian hit titles in cinemas across the country. The brand new film season opened in style with Rajko Grlić’s The […]