Network objectives:

– Creating a network of independent cinemas and representing their interests
– A more efficient exchange of cinema listings and accompanying contents
– Increasing the number of visitors in independent cinemas, next to a continuous development of the repertory’s cultural standards
– Development of promotional measures and strengthening their overall effect
– Development of Croatian audiovisual industry
– Strengthening competition and creating an added value for the independent cinema sector
– Promoting diversity and availability of film offer in entire Croatia
– Development of film literacy in the Republic of Croatia
– Raising and breeding an informed film audience
– Enriching the cultural offer in Croatian towns and cities
– An efficient use of available sources of funding on the national and international level
– Development of professionalism and specialisation of employees in the cinema sector
– Networking and collaboration with similar associations, institutions and companies in Croatia, the region, Europe and the world

We meet our objectives through:

– Gathering, analysing and editing information about Network members and keeping track of cinema activities in Croatia, Europe and the world
– Providing programme-related and operational counselling to our members
– Drafting and implementing communication and promotional strategies for independent cinemas
– Active participation in drafting cultural policies and legislation in the audiovisual sector, especially cinemas
– Proposing efficient models for film culture development and active participation in national and international discussions
– Determining the needs for new investments and targeted attracting national and foreign investments in the cinema sector
– Representing and promoting Network’s common interests, ensuring the most favourable conditions for the implementation of cinema-related activities, and systematic protection of Network members’ fundamental rights
– Designing film programmes and initiatives and programme exchanges, distributions and promotions
– Designing and implementing film literacy programmes in Croatia
– Organising professional meetings of interest groups and audiovisual industry members
– Systematic raising of the professional level by way of workshops and other activities aimed to convey organisational knowledge and skills, technical training and education of cinema staff
– Cooperation with all state-owned institutions and similar professional associations, local and international partner institutions and horizontal sectors
– Publishing professional editions thematically related to the Network’s objectives