Kino Mediteran Hvar

First cinema programmes in Hvar existed way back in 1930. Hvar had regular listings in the 1960s at Madeira Cinema, housed by the Arsenal building. The cinema operated continually throughout the year, and open-air summer screenings took place at Veneranda. The cinema was closed down in 1993 and open-air screenings ran all until 2003. After this summer season, Hvar had no more regular cinema activities.

The situation changed in summer 2012, when Mediteran Cinema Hvar scored great success and attendance as a three-day pilot project, proving that there is clear need for a cinema in Hvar. During the 2013 summer season, the programmes intensified and in March 2014 they began running on a regular basis, regardless of the season.

Thanks to good results and strong audience development, Mediteran Cinema Hvar got support from the Ministry of Culture for digitisation and in summer 2016 will operate with new cutting-edge technical equipment.

Mediteran Cinema is a revitalisation project of Dalmatian cinemas, implemented in more than 20 towns, and Hvar, next to Bol, Imotski, Komiža and Pirovac, is among the rare digital cinemas in Dalmatia.

Mediteran Cinema Hvar is organised is association with the City of Hvar, and currently operates twice a month in the winter period, and 3-4 times a week in the summer period.

Hvar has been part of the Mediteran Cinema project since its very beginnings in 2012.