2 December 2016,


2. 12. 2016  Under the slogan “It’s Better at the Cinema!”, the Croatian Independent Cinemas Network this year, as well, continues to release Croatian hit titles in cinemas across the country. The brand new film season opened in style with Rajko Grlić’s The Constitution, followed by Pavo Marinković’s Ministry of Love, and the year wraps up with Snježana Tribuson’s comedy All the Best which arrives to the big screen just in time for the holiday season.

‘A year ago we invited you to the cinemas where everything is better and now our promise is fulfilled. In the past period, our event has screened four outstanding Croatian titles. It all began with Dalibor Matanić’s The High Sun, seen by 43,122 people, continued with the comedy Life Is a Trumpet by Antonio Nuić and almost 14,000 viewers, followed by People’s Hero Ljiljan Vidić by Ivan-Goran Vitez with a bit less than 55,000 viewers, and finally Igor Šeregi’s feature debut ZG80, seen by 65,543 people. This year we also set our goals high and judging by the excellent results achieved by two titles already released (The Constitution and Ministry of Love), we believe we will not fail you,’ said Rea Rajčić, cinema project manager at the Croatian Audiovisual Centre.

Notably, in association with the Cinema Network, the Croatian Audiovisual Centre last year launched the Croatian film premieres decentralisation project. All the mentioned titles toured the Network, with a total of 15 special premieres and film cast and crew visits at independent cinemas outside Zagreb. Every premiere acted as an extra kick in the national promotion as a special ‘on the road’ video was made at every visiting venue. Apart from the promotion of Croatian titles, this contributed to the position of already forgotten independent cinemas which now regained their importance as centres of Croatian film events.

The same practice continued this winter, as well. The Constitution now counts over 32,000 viewers, and Ministry of Love continues to make us laugh at cinemas. Besides, we cannot wait for Snježana Tribuson’s real Christmas treat All the Best to brighten up the holiday season early in December. The screens will soon be graced by the long awaited new titles: award-winning feature Goran by Nevio Marasović, Anka by Dejan Aćimović and the new sequel of the popular Koko serial, The Mystery of Green Hill by Čejen Černić, so this video in fact celebrates the Croatian film industry and the unique film screening experience, simply because we still believe and want to keep spreading the news that, indeed – it’s better at the cinema!’ said Rajčić in conclusion.

See you at the cinema!

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