Dokukino KIC - Zagreb

Throughout its regular listings, Dokukino provides an insight into recent cinema in terms of the most important international documentary titles, presentations of the finest regional and national documentaries, Q&A sessions with filmmakers, master classes and special screenings of particularly relevant documentaries.

The programme is implemented:

  1. By way of collaboration with local distribution networks – Restart, Demiurg, Tricondocs
  2. Directly with sales agents, i.e. film producers.

The population categories we have reached best are urban, highly educated people between 20 and 30 years of age and 50+ people, especially the retired. Men and women are relatively equally represented. The programme includes recent documentary titles and films older than 2-3 years if they acquired the status of a classic, i.e. a film of exceptional importance. Next to recent films, we screen documentary classics in our annual free programme Hall of Fame, which generated great interest since most of these documentary classics have never been shown here before.

The programme consists of:

a) Films in distribution (Restart Label)

b) An overview of recent documentary production:

b1) MOST PROMINENT DOCUMENTARY FILMS: international commercial titles – such as Oscar and other important award winners; films that earned a reputation as important documentary achievements and except rare screenings at festivals, the audience does not have a chance to see them
b2) DOCUMENTARIES OF EXCEPTIONAL ARTISTIC VALUE: international films which the Dokukino programming team deems unrepresented enough, and whose artistic quality stands out
b3) CROWD PLEASERS: international commercial films of particularly relevant topic and satisfactory quality
b4) REGIONAL PROGRAMME: good regional titles, bearing in mind that they had not been screened in other Zagreb’s cinemas, and a possibility of Q&A with the author
b5) NATIONAL PROGRAMME: good Croatian titles, bearing in mind that they had not been screened in other Zagreb’s cinemas, and a possibility of Q&A with the author


d) THEME DOCS: documentary films referring to a particular date/event/organisation attracting a targeted group (international dance day, immigrants day, women artists, romance films, films in association with Zagreb Pride, films about sex, programme for the retired, programme for the young)

e) PRESENTATION OF NATIONAL CINEMAS: presentations of national documentary cinema (in association with embassies)