Cinema Ivanec

The history of cinema activities in Ivanec dates back to the spring of 1920. Entrepreneur Rudolf Patrlić owned the first cinema/theatre in Ivanec, ‘Prosvjeta’, in no. 5 Mačkovac. For a while the theatre also served as a gym, and later hosted the two-year School for Boys. The first screening took place on 4 April 1920. It was Queen of Spades by Pyotr Chardynin, filmed in 1910 and based on the story by the Russian romantic poet Pushkin. In 1947, the cinema was taken over by the Department of Education of Ivanec County, which managed the premises until 1951. The following year came the new management, Ivanec Agricultural Cooperative. The cinema was built next to the former Cooperative House, new equipment was installed and the Coop operated the cinema until 1963, when it was taken over by the People’s University, today’s Đuro Arnold Public Open University. Activity ran continuously until 2013, when the cinema was temporarily closed. The theatre was renovated in 2016, and reconstruction and modernisation resulted in an exemplary mixed-use space with high-end equipment, intended primarily for film screenings, as well as concerts, theatrical performances, festivals, conferences etc.