Art-cinema Metropolis - Zagreb

Metropolis Art Cinema was opened on 2 September 2010 at the Gorgona hall of Zagreb’s Museum of Contemporary Art with a Zagreb premiere of the critically acclaimed fiction film A Single Man by Tom Ford.

Metropolis Art Cinema is a member of Europa Cinemas chain since January 2013, heading the mini-group of six Croatian cinemas (Grič Art Cinema and Tuškanac Summer Cinema in Zagreb, Novska Cinema, POU Daruvar cinema and Zlatna vrata Cinematheque in Split).

Metropolis Art Cinema’s listings primarily include European, independent American and global fiction films selected not only among the most prestigious global film festivals (Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Rome, Karlovy Vary etc.), as well as European art house cinema repertory. The aim of this project is a carefully select film programme whose artistic merit will enrich the cinematic offer in Zagreb and Museum of Contemporary Art. Metropolis Art Cinema’s programme runs in association with Zagreb Cultural Club, and its manager is film critic Zlatko Vidačković.

The cinema programme also includes short Croatian films often screened as introduction into feature fiction films. The children’s programme shows carefully chosen Croatian, European and independent global animated and fiction films for children.

The Gorgona hall has 233 seats and cutting-edge projection equipment (35 mm projector, 2K digital projector, subtitle projector) and sound system (Dolby).