27 February 2018,

This year’s, fourth edition of Women’s Days, a cinematic feast organised by the Croatian Network of Independent Cinemas, takes place 8-11 March in 28 cities, four of which are on islands, in 33 independent cinemas to celebrate the 8th of March, the International Women’s Day.

During these four days, Thursday thru Sunday, four films from the recent women’s and/or feminist production will be screened – and three out of four were directed by women. We will be repeating the most important lessons from the first (Sufragette, 2015) and second (God’s Will, 2017) wave of feminism, and then jumping to the 1980s pop culture and its queen Whitney Houston (Whitney: Can I Be Me?, 2017), to the most recent piece by the iconic French director Claire Denis (Let the Sun Shine In, 2017), one of the most prominent female voices in European cinema today.

The fourth Women’s Days event is organised by the Cinema Network with the support of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, in 28 cities and 33 independent cinemas:

Details about the schedule of the fourth Women’s Days are available on the website of Facebook pages of each cinema taking part in the event.

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